Nønne K

The next screening of my feature film Stodderbarn, will be at  Seniorhighscool Hvidovre in Zealand, Denmark on 27. nov 2017.

contact on nrosenring@gmail.com if you wish to host a screening. Stodderbarn is ONLY available at live screenings, not online.


Interview in Filmland P1, danish radio, about Slowdistribution

Interview from The Danish Filminstitute news

Imdb page


Currently in the making:

A historic drama about the witchhunt of a local midwife on the small island of Fur in northern Jutland – Denmark, set in 1668. Based on a true story. In collaboration with Nimbus Film.


A metaphysical comedy shot continuesly since 2009 (somewhat like Boyhood by Richard Linklater). Produced by Forkant Film, Godt Nok Productions and Nønne K. To be completed in 2018.





Contact me on nrosenring@gmail.com


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